“Brian Says B Free” ~ BSBF
Be empowered… Be fashionable… B FREE!

“We don’t learn fashion; it is injected into our veins and travels right into the depths of our soul. It’s something we can’t live without. Fashion is freedom. Fashion is life. Fashion is being unafraid to be uniquely you. I live for fashion and I live to B FREE.” Brian Friedman. 

When you spend your formative years working with and for the likes of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, it is bound to have an affect on the way you see the world, especially in the area of fashion.

Brian Friedman, now one of today’s leading creative visionaries, lunged into the entertainment field at a very early age, acting, singing and dancing in films like “Newsies”, and televisions “Kids Incorporated”. Since then, he has powered forward having produced, directed, creative directed and choreographed many of the last decades most renowned tours, music videos, commercials, television shows and films.

Friedman’s resume reads like the Pop Hall of Fame with such names as Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Usher, Mariah Carey, Pink, Rihanna, and the iconic Cher. All of which have their own personal, stand out fashion. As a Creative Director, Brian holds the responsibility of envisioning every aspect of imagery for his projects. And because of the stature of the names he has been associated with, the imagery has always needed to be epic.

Brian’s first move into expressing his voice in fashion came in 2003 when he teamed up with the world-renowned dancewear authority, Capezio, to design his own shoe line called “B-Free”. The shoes were a unique design combining an urban street style, with the rugged feel of a sports shoe and the added design features of a high-end shoe. The line was a major success in the dance industry for many years and can still be seen on the feet of many dancers.

It can mostly be noted that Friedman’s eye for fashion is most represented in his own personal style. Whether on the red carpet or in a rehearsal, Brian’s peers, co-workers and fans have come to expect a certain flare in his wardrobe. The word “Fashionista” is never too far the lips of anyone who comes in contact with him.

So in the true progression of an ever-growing career in many facets of entertainment, it became obvious that creating a line that represents all of Brian’s history, love and experience with fashion and design would be inevitable. This was never more proven than while working as the Supervising Producer (Creative Director) on “The X-Factor USA”. Brian employed friend and celebrity stylist Marina Toybina to head the Dancers Wardrobe Department. The out of this world conceptual looks that Brian & Marina created together each week went on to win an Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design. Without question, Brian knew he had found the perfect person to help him achieve his designing dreams.  Marina was able to take all of Brian’s design ideas and sketch them into reality. Almost a decade in the making, “Brian Says B Free” was born.

Brian’s inspiration for “Brian Says B Free” (BSBF) is a juxtaposition of many walks of life and fashion esthetics. Two standout pieces from The BSBF Signature Collection are receiving rave reviews. The first is “The Flying Monk”. This piece is a hoodie, reminiscent of a Monk with bat-like wings and a long extended tail. The second is “The Rider”, a pair of sweatpants that channel the fashion of Equestrian riding pants but have a drop crotch and snapping closures around the ankle. Both pieces feature color blocking and are made to be worn from morning into night. This collection transitions comfortably from a day of errands to an evening on the town. The pieces are eye catching and are sure to make one stand out in the crowd.

The Signature Collection is available worldwide. Go get yours and… B FREE.